Innovation Lab

Presentations and conferences

Date Title Speaker Conference Location Additional info
2017-06-14 Machine Learning
Adrián Catalán Royale Talks
2017-06-07 ML + Android
Adrián Catalán GDG Guatemala
2017-05-23 Inventando el Futuro
Adrián Catalán Innovation Summit
Guatemala Slides:
2017-08-24 ReacTex: using React Native and Neural Networks to recognize handwritten equations Bonnie Milián React Rally Salt Lake City, UT, USA
2016-10-07 Javascript got me flying through the air Bonnie Milián JSConf Colombia Medellín, Colombia
2016 ILDrone Project Bonnie Milián Nodebots Meetup Guatemala
2016-10-03 I can make an AR/VR mini game (and so can you) Yosef Maldonado Maker Faire Queens, NY, USA
2016-04-02 Arduino Basico Yosef Maldonado Arduino Day Guatemala
2017-03-03 AR/VR Unity for Android and Google Tango Yosef Maldonado Droidcon Dominican Republic
Project Tango Yosef Maldonado Google I/O Extended Guatemala
2017-06-07 Project Tango Yosef Maldonado Cultura Android Guatemala Guatemala